The diagnosis includes:

Market Study – We will analyze your product for the American Market. This strategy will help us decide if we can provide a suitable strategy. If this is not the case, our professional will give their opinion on how it should be adapted.

Legislation – We analyze to see if your product complies with the country’s laws from the legal point of view. If standards need adjusting, we will help you with the changes necessary.

Market of Operation, Implementation – We have an extensive network of channels. However, one of the most profitable, fastest selling channels and the largest online marketplace is Amazon. We have a number of accounts at Amazon and at other online channels. Amazon accounts for around half of every dollar spent online in the US. In addition, it sells more than 500 million products worldwide. The company is known as the largest online store in the United States. A study published by Feedvisor, a consultancy specializing in Amazon, showed the scale of the domination of the largest North American e-commerce. Feedvisor analyzed the buying behavior of more than 2,000 consumers and found that 74% of them go straight to Amazon when they have already decided what to buy, bypassing traditional search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Legal Contracts
– If our client closes a partnership with local distributors or in another country, our legal group will prepare all the contracts that are required for the necessary negotiations.

Product Adaptation – After launching your product on the market, online or any other partnership, and after carrying out some tests we will analyze if we need to make any adjustments. If necessary, we will suggest and carry out these adjustments.

Sales report – After 90 days on the market, the customer will receive a report with all the information about the product’s e-commerce sales. If the contract is made with local distributors, we will schedule a follow-up meeting between the customer and the company and a sales report with a detailed diagnosis.


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