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Letter from the Executive Director

When I was a child, I had the opportunity to study in private schools even though I came from a lower middle class family. I was given this opportunity by my uncles who funded a part of my school fees. As a result, I was able to take part in all the basic activities that the school offered but unfortunately, when June came round my suffering began. Most of my classmates went on the trip to Disney, which was offered to students at the school by a travel agency every year. I, of course, never had the money to go on this dream trip. In August, on our return from vacation, we had to write the standard essay on what we had done. After several years of listening to everyone describing, in detail, the adventures that they had had at Disney, and I talked about life in my neighborhood, I wrote an essay saying that one day I would go to Disney and that one day I would help people who dreamt big to achieve their goals. Today, after living in the United States for 20 years, I have been to Disney several times, and I help my customers achieve their dreams of doing business here and earning in dollars. This satisfaction fuels a promise I made to myself, and to this day I keep my promises.
This is why, I promise you, OneWorld customer that if your dream is to start a business in the United States, earn in dollars, invest in properties or even become a US citizen, we have all the resources to make your dream come true.
All the best,

Karla Bledsoe

Quando criança, tive a oportunidade de estudar em escolas particulares mesmo vindo de uma família de classe média baixa. A oportunidade foi me oferecida devido a ajuda de tios que financiavam parte da minha escola. Com isso, eu conseguia participar de todas as atividades básicas que a escolar oferecia, mais infelizmente, quando o mês de Junho chegava começava o meu sofrimento. A maioria dos meus amigos de sala participavam todos os anos da viagem a Disney, oferecida a alunos da escola através de uma agência de turismo. Eu claro, jamais teria condições financeiras de participar desta tão sonhada viagem. No mês de Agosto, quando voltávamos das férias, tínhamos que fazer a famosa, redação, contando nossas experiências. Depois de vários anos ouvindo todos
descreverem, detalhadamente, as aventuras que passaram na Disney, e eu as aventuras do meu bairro, eu escrevi uma redação contando que um dia eu iria a Disney e um dia eu iria ajudar várias pessoas que sonhavam alto a alcançar seus objetivos. Hoje, após 20 anos morando nos Estados Unidos, já fui a Disney várias vezes, e ajudo meus clientes a realizarem o sonho de fazer negócios aqui e ganhar em dólar. Essa satisfação alimenta uma promessa que fiz a mim mesma, e até hoje cumpro as minhas promessas. Com isso, prometo a você, cliente da OneWorld que se o seu sonho for começar um negócio nos Estados Unidos, ganhar em dólar, investir em propriedades e até mesmo se tornar um cidadão Americano, temos todos os recursos para transformar seu sonho em realidade.
Um grande abraço,

Robert nixa


Who runs OneWorld?

OneWorld’s team of executive has a great deal of expertise to help your business grow.

Karla Bledsoe
Executive Director

Karla Bledsoe is a journalist from Brazil and a partner at OneWorld International Partners, with extensive experience in global networks. Her main focus is to guide her clients towards implementing international solutions, identifying and attracting international investment opportunities. She was born in Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and graduated in Communication / Journalism from the Higher Education Institute of Brasilia (IESB). She worked in Brazil as a TV reporter for two years before immigrating to the United States in 2003. On arrival, Karla worked as a reporter for the Brazilian Press Newspaper in New Jersey and for Power Play Studios in New York. Before becoming a partner, she worked in International Intellectual Property Investigations, Immigration and the import and export business. Karla is responsive to Portuguese, English and Spanish speaking customers, which is essential for acting as the bridge between clients and international agencies.

Ricardo Leite

Ricardo Leite is the founder of Cerqueira Leite Advogados e Associados in Brazil and a partner at OWP. He has years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, international investment, and the oil and gas market. He holds a master’s degree in International Commercial Law (LL.M.) from UC-Davis (California);  an MBA in Business Management from the INPG Business School; a Postgraduate Qualification in Tax Law from the University Extension Center; and a Postgraduate Qualification in Business Law from PUC/SP. He is a Professor of Commercial Law. He studied Business Administration at the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas; and has a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of San Francisco; He is also a  member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/SP) Religious Freedom and Law Commission, which operates as a bridge between clients and international agencies.

Hector Escobar II
Director of E-Commerce Operations

Héctor plays a preeminent role at Kind International, LLC. Purdue University – 2004-2008 Political Science, Entrepreneurship with a specialization in Spanish. He has designed a contract negotiation platform for residential contractors and service providers. VP of Technology. After identifying the impediments to future growth, Hector determined and led the development of his own transportation management system. He built the first part of the “Dispatch TMS” application, and set up four businesses (Keg Logistics, Retail Rebound, Craft Highways Beverage Distribution and HFL Logistics). He played a fundamental role in starting up and expanding most of the businesses under Fitz Mark Umbrella. His experience has enabled him to open his own businesses listed below:

  • Kind Retail Group – Indianapolis Wholesale Warehouse Operation
  • Kind Retail Group LV – Las Vegas Wholesale Warehouse Operation
  • Kind Capital Group – Capital arm for our wholesale and distribution operations
  • Imperium Investments – Industrial Real Estate Holding Company
  • NuevoPoly – Patent holder for a synthetic wood/metal polymer.
  • Car Brokers Inc – Dealership Services
  • ShipSights – Industry leading supply chain software provider and consulting
  • Just Click For it – Retail Store for Returned merchandise

• Dock Street Technologies – Software SAS solutions provider

Matthews Snyder
Project Manager

Mathew plays a preeminent role at Kind International, LLC. Matthew’s experience includes management in the civil engineering and investments fields. He has worked as a consultant and technical manager, in public relations and as a  marketing professional. Matthew is held in high esteem by the community as a civic leader serving on many boards, organizations and as an elected official. Matthew is adept at understanding market conditions and taking advantage of uptrends to maintain and improve equity positions, having controlled current assets of almost $100 million. Mathew plays many roles within the Kind Capital structure, but the most important is his ability to negotiate contracts with suppliers and manage the domestic and international teams. He currently owns or has shares in the businesses listed below:

  • Kind Retail Group – Indianapolis Wholesale Warehouse Operation
  • Kind Retail Group LV – Las Vegas Wholesale Warehouse Operation
  • Kind Capital Group – Capital arm to our wholesale and distribution operations
  • Imperium Investments – Industrial Real Estate Holding Company
  • Squared Investments – Residential Real Estate Investment Company
  • Kiley | Digero – Environmental Services Company
  • Just Click For it – Retail Store for Returned goods
  • Situs Asset Management – ​​Commercial Management Company
Marcos Strafacce
Project Developer

• Executive with more than 25 years of experience in high strategic business development and management of projects and projects in large, medium and large sizes;

• Some of these companies: Shell Brasil, 3M do Brasil, Citibank Brasil, Citibank (New York), Cendant (New Jersey), RCI (New Jersey/Indianapolis), AGI (Colorado/California) & MasterCard Brasil.

• Graduated in Marketing from ESPM, he has an MBA in General Management from Columbia University – Business School in New York.

• Leaders in change processes (VisaNet/Cielo as MasterCard acquirer), having around sales projects around M&A projects (RCI) the development of new marketing strategies, business execution, strategic business changes an in order to promote significant growth to the businesses he led;

• Entrepreneur specialized in Change Management, People Management and large-scale real estate development projects.

About Us

What is OneWorld International Partners?

OneWorldpartner is your best option for internationalizing your business. OWIP believes that entrepreneurship needs to be seen and implemented without borders. Therefore, it supports its clients through diagnoses, market research, opening of channels, regulatory and legal solutions in order to facilitate entry and development of new markets. It has performed outstandingly in the American, Brazilian and Chinese markets.

OneWorld International Partners believes that the internationalization of people comes before the internationalization of companies. Therefore, OneWorld International Partners also offers a set of solutions for individuals who wish to acquire prior experience in other markets, through simple actions such as opening a checking account, setting up companies, support for obtaining credit cards, as well as investment support. These actions, when coordinated, supervised and carried out repeatedly, reduce what is called the psychological distance.

OWIP Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

We aim to be the main company in the field of business and people internationalization in the United States, China and Brazil in five years. Our values are:

OWIP Mission

Our Mission

To transform local businesses into global businesses

Oneworld International Partners