Services and opening of channels

In addition to Diagnosis for entry into the International Market, we also offer the following services:

Amazon Pilot Program
 – We will give small entrepreneurs the opportunity to test the Amazon market for a minimal cost. We will receive your merchandise, launch it on our Amazon channels, and test the marketplace. After 90 days, the customer will receive a sales report that will detail the number of clicks, number of sales, number of returns, reviews etc. After the program, the customer will decide if they would like to close a contract with OneWorld to continue with the sales.


Opening an account as an individual with an American bank – We help our clients with the opening of a bank account without the client needing to be present. You do not need to have any type of visa, be a permanent resident or a citizen. You will have your debit card and access to your account online.


Opening the ITIN # – The ITIN is a document issued for you to be able to file tax returns to the US Internal Revenue Inspection Service. Whatever a citizen’s immigration status, this document can be issued to anyone who needs to receive payments in the United States. Hence, holder of this identification number is able to comply with US tax regulations, and declare their taxes, even if they are not a US citizen or do not have a Green Card. Firstly, this declaration is a starting point for a relationship with the United States. Once an ITIN has been obtained and the first related tax return submitted, a financial history in the US starts to be recorded. So, for example, it is even possible to think about applying for credit with American institutions, which would be totally infeasible without this record. Opening an ITIN # does NOT affect any immigration process or visa application.






Creation of an LLC company – We provide a step-by-step guide so that our clients can open a company here in the United States, in accordance with the State regulations. This enables them to formalize the business and pay the fees due to the US government.

Opening an EIN # – This corresponds to company’s CNPJ [Corporate Taxpayer’s ID], enabling it to be identified as a business in operation and pay taxes in accordance with the regulations laid down in US law.


Opening a business account – After opening the LLC and EIN#, we can then help you to open your company account.

Trademark Registration – if you are interested in registering your trademark and your company logo, we will be pleased to help you in this area, too.


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