3 Characteristics of the North American consumer

Of course, culture is something that impacts the purchasing behavior of a certain region, so studying patterns of behavior according to nationality is a basic task, and at least mandatory for anyone who intends to do business in a different country,

The field that identifies the similarities and differences that culture exerts on consumers is known as Cross Cutural, or Crossing cultures, as already mentioned, this behavioral study is essential for those wishing to do business beyond the borders of their home country.

If you’ve taken an international trip, you can certainly observe behavior that may have been strange, whether in a store, restaurant or even at the airport. Living with foreigners makes these traits more visible, and naturally makes you compare with your own posture.

Administrator Angélica Ribeiro, who has lived in the United States for many years, brought together three characteristics related to the behavior of Americans in her publication for Revista Administradores, and we at Oneworld International Partners bring you in this post, they are: discretion, courtesy and trust:


The North American consumer is discreet, a fact! You will rarely see them jumping in line, making a racket, or being belligerent. Generally speaking, there is a lot of respect, even when making complaints.
These are people who do not usually verbalize or complain immediately when they are dissatisfied with a product or service. Setting up that shack is definitely not up to them and usually if you ask at the end of a service if it was good, they will say yes, they will keep it to call you and report any dissatisfaction or make a negative comment hours or even a day later, and as a default path they will use their own sites for that. But although dissatisfied, they will usually give you a second chance if you offer a new way to win them back.


In the United States as a whole, it is always possible to notice a lot of courtesy when arriving and leaving a commercial establishment. You know those little magic words? They’re really part of people’s vocabulary, you’re sure to hear “welcome back,” they’ll ask how things are, and they’ll compliment your hair or your shoes, and no, it won’t sound like flattery. Sometimes strangers on the street do this, and you’ll always hear a “Have a great day!
At first, it seems strange, but then you end up incorporating these daily habits as well.


You know that thing that the word has power? For the North American the word is worth a lot. Business and personal relationships are full of good faith. Distrust, if it exists at all, is at a level far below that of Brazil. Life seems simpler, and believing in others is natural, and that makes relationships lighter.
They will trust what you sell or say. Questions will exist, of course, but they tend to do everything with less bureaucracy, even so, one thing is certain, the North American client feels comfortable following clear standards and processes, the Brazilian way, only in Brazil.

These three characteristics were exposed in this text in a simplistic way, but it is possible to understand that it is not possible to ignore habits, values ​​and behaviors when doing international business. Part of the initial investments for those wishing to enter the US market, which is by far the most mature and largest market in the world, should go towards researching and planning strategies to understand how their product resonates in the land of Uncle Sam.

One of the most economical alternatives is to validate the receptivity of your product in the Amazon Pilot Program, since 90% of Americans buy their goods at Amazon, in addition to validation, the system allows a specific study with market intelligence applied to your product.
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