Portuguese Citizenship becomes a Shortcut to US Residency Visa

Entrepreneurial Brazilians with dual nationality may apply for a residence visa in the United States under the “Amigos Act”

Portuguese citizenship became a shortcut to living in the USA because Portugal was included in the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, which opens the way for the E2 business visa.

• “Real State”: Brazilians living in the US now buy property in Portugal
• Passport: Brazilians with Portuguese citizenship approach 400 thousand in 12 years

Brazil is not part of the agreement and only those with Portuguese citizenship are eligible. Still, it takes being an entrepreneur, running a business, or owning 50% of a company.

The “Amigos Act”, informal name of the treaty, was approved by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden. The Citizenship and Immigration Service lacks the ability to regulate the bureaucracy.
Brazilian lawyer Liz Dell’Ome, with an office in New York, explained to Portugal Giro how the treaty became a shortcut for Luso-Brazilians interested in living in the US.

— Before, they could only ask for the EB-5, with robust requirements, such as a contribution of US$ 800 thousand (R$ 4.1 million) and a deal with ten new jobs — said Dell`Ome.

Now, Luso-Brazilians have a simplified process and reduced costs. E2 is renewable indefinitely and extends to family members, as long as the business remains open.

— From a business point of view, E2 is a simpler migration solution, in addition to the process having less costs — informed the lawyer.

• Remote: Brazilian digital nomads among those who most request visas for Portugal
• Skyrocketing: Requests for Portuguese citizenship made by Brazilians rose 141%

The new bridge between the US and Portugal is the missing link for some of the Brazilians who have divided their businesses between the two countries.

Brazilians living in the US started to buy more properties in Portugal. And there is a tendency for Portuguese-Brazilian entrepreneurs residing in Portugal to expand to the US.

— It opens a new window, with multiple entrepreneurial opportunities for those who want to diversify their professional activities in the largest economy in the world — explained Dell’Ome.
One of the examples of expansion to the US from Portugal: after opening eight stores in Portuguese cities, Casa do Sono opened its first unit in Orlando in 2022.

The quality mattress company belongs to the Luso-Carioca couple Leon and Rachel Netto, earned € 3 million (R$ 16 million) last year and aims at a broader market.

Leon spends 15 days in each country, while Rachel has stayed in Orlando all the time. The couple plans to apply for the E2 or L1 visa, intended for executives of companies with branches in the US.

“Rachel moved out and I keep going back and forth. We will keep the base in Portugal and even increase the number of stores. But the idea is to expand incisively to the US – said Leon.

source: oglobo.globo.com

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