OneWorld Joins Traditional Columbia Club

OneWorld International Partners is now part of the Columbia Club of Indianapolis.

The Columbia Club was formally organized on February 13, 1889. Because of its privacy and prestige, the Columbia Club has been host to distinguished visitors, from political figures to celebrities. Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower and both Bushes visited the clubhouse, as did Charles Lindbergh, Queen Marie of Romania, and the famous Hoagy Carmichael, who became a member of the club.

In 2012, Columbia Club was selected as a Platinum Club of America, making it one of the top 50 city clubs in the country and one of the top clubs in the Midwest. Karla Bledsoe, Executive Director of OneWorld International Partners joins the new Columbia Club Business Network Committee.

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“The Columbia Club is more than one of the best clubs in the United States, it’s a place to generate new connections, find new partners, investors, and serve the community. Being part of the Columbia Club Business Network Committee is undoubtedly another channel to create opportunities and synergy for our clients”.

Concludes Karla Bledsoe.

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