Brazilian Entrepreneurs Stand Out at Summit During the Indy 500

There are those who say that Brazilian businessmen are among the most creative in the world, this statement is true when we look at the group that was present at the first International Business Summit in Indianapolis last May. They even got autographs from the famous pilot Tony Kanaan in the midst of more than 350 thousand people.

The International Business Summit took place in the heart of the city of Indianapolis, at the centennial Columbia Club and was organized by OneWorld International Partners and Cerqueira Leite Advogados Associados.

In the first two days of the event, face-to-face meetings were held between Brazilian and American investors. On the occasion, participants were able to explain their services and products, carry out a lot of networking and attract investments for projects in Brazil and the United States.

Entrepreneurs from the real estate market, beauty, investments, cryptocurrencies, NFTS, import and export legal aspects, technology and US government representatives had the opportunity to present their businesses and exchange cards.

“The purpose of this event was to bring together opinion makers and business people to explore opportunities both in the United States and in Brazil. It was something very rich where we promoted content, integration and entertainment to build trust, relationships and opportunities for good business”. Highlights Dr. Ricardo Cerqueira Leite, founder of Cerqueira Leite Advogados Associados, organizer of the event.

The member of the board of directors of the company B|Fabriani, Paulo Fabbriani commented:

This is a spectacular place with vigorous growth, ideal for applying our business model. I think that as a company that has been growing in recent years, we need to leave the square, investing in other places, getting to know other realities. We love the event and believe that everything can convert into new investments on American soil.

The following days were filled with entertainment starting with Carb Day, where the group of businessmen accessed the VIP “suite” of the pilots who were training for the race.

On Saturday it was “Parade Day”, with a parade of pilots, schools, universities, bands and the general community of Indianapolis. A true show of colors, music, patriotism, organization and fun.

On Sunday morning, the VIP group was entitled to police scouts who made their way among the more than 300,000 people present at the Indy 500 where they could honor the big party and victory of the pilot Josef Newgarden.

Between one event and another, Brazilian businessmen still had time to enjoy a round of golf at Top Golf, stroll along the lake in the beautiful city of Fishers, and of course, music around the bonfire cannot be missed.

“It’s so cool to see people get to know each other, understand each other’s product and service and connect with new opportunities that we provide these days, that’s priceless”. Concludes Karla Bledsoe, Executive Director of OneWorld International Partners.

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